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Welcome to Dugger Manual Effective Therapy , where we stress results over experiences. We specialize in minimizing and eliminating soft tissue pain and increasing musculoskeletal function. If you are suffering from any of the following:  Chronic and Acute Back Pain, Strain or Sprain Injury, Chronic and Acute Back Pain etc.


Meet the Staff: Patsy Dugger

Patsy is passionate about the clinical applications of evidence-based Massage Therapy.  It is her mission to spark the change that leads to Manual Therapy becoming the preferred option for eliminating acute and chronic soft tissue pain.



What our patients have to say about us:

I have myofascial pain syndrome likely caused by postural misalignment.... multiple trigger points primarily in my neck, shoulders, lower back and hips. I have tried acupuncture, physical therapy, trigger point injections and multiple medications as well as other massage therapists. Patsy has unquestionably helped me the most. I am a silent sufferer preferring to smile and 'push through' the pain...With Patsy I can be open in discussing my pain...she understands, genuinely cares, and has excellent technique! B H
B H, Myofascial pain syndrome patient
Patsy Dugger has been an integral part of my health care for 13 years. She works in conjunction with my Physician to manage my back and hip pain management through massage, stretching and heat therapy. I would not go to anyone else!   BR, Columbus GA
BR, Long Time Patient
When I first came to see Ms. Patsy, I had been on pain meds for headaches and neck pain for about three years. I had severe neck pain from trauma in the past, caused from wrecks.  I knew this wasn’t healthy and wanted to try something else. I came in and told her my problem and thought to myself “is a massage really going to fix this problem I have?”  After my first visit I could tell a huge change in my neck, it felt so relaxed and loose. After that second visit I was ready to let go of my pain meds because I no longer needed them.  It turned out my headaches came when I was having severe neck pain, and if there is no longer neck pain then bye-bye headaches.  That is what Ms. Patsy did for me.  I come and see her about every three weeks and she works willingly with my schedule.  I have recommended her to several people I have worked with and they love her also. So I am here writing this recommending her to everyone.   KS Smiths, AL  
KS, chronic and acute pain patient